Cable television came as a boon to people who were tired of watching broadcast programs. With cable television, you suddenly had a whole host of programs and channels that you could see, day and night. Cable television saw the light of day because of the efforts of a man named John Walson. The year was 1948 and cable television has come a long way since then.

Working of Cable TV

This step by step procedure will explain how cable television works, in a very easy to understand manner.

  •  There are many satellites that revolve around the earth at a permanent height of 22300 miles from the earth’s surface. The signals of hundreds of programs, from every corner of the earth, are relayed to these satellites.
  • On receiving these signals, there are once again transmitted to the local cable dish satellites that are present in your locality.
  • These signals are then sorted out at the station of your cable company. Once processed along with local programs and broadcasts, the signals are sent to your homes through the cable wire network that is installed by the cable companies.
  • This cable wire is inside the cable outlets in your house. After you subscribe to any cable television services, the particular cable company will attach another cable from the wall outlet to the television set in your home.

After this, you simply need to program your television set, or purchase a converter box if your TV is not cable ready, and you’re all set to receive cable television.

The reception and picture of cable television is far superior to your local television broadcasts. Cable TV signals are relayed through cable wires and not through the air as local TV signals. Thus there is less scope for interference and blockage of signals due to tall buildings, weather etc, hence better picture quality with cable TV than local TV.

Cable Television Picture Problems

Although the picture quality is very good with cable television, you may experience problems from time to time. Shrinking picture, snow, rolling picture, and bad reception can be a problem, which can be dealt with in the following manner:

  • Check to see that there is adequate power supply to your TV set.
  • See that the cable wires are connected properly.
  • If using a converter box, ensure that it has set to the right channel and the wires are connected right.

Thus, with cable television, you can have access to many different programs that would not have been available otherwise.